"My destiny is sure and I am a fool and a coward even to have doubted it.  I don't any more.  Some people are needed to do things, and they have to be tempered by adversity as well as thrilled by success.  I have had both.  Now for some more success."

-George S. Patton Jr.



I love Calvin and Hobbes, watching movies, the Army, and I'm the future best skydiver in the world.  Fact.

I'm not an alcoholic, but given the chance I especially love to partake of Yuengling, Guinness, and The Glenlivet (single malt scotch).  "It don't get no gooder than that..."

As my friends have pointed out many times I'll probably stay in the Army as an Armored Cavalry Officer until I retire with forty eleven years of service and I'll love every minute of it.


The Teams



The Cincinatti Bengals are the greatest NFL football team in the nation.  Who cares what their record is?  I love em.

ARMY RUGBY.  'Nuff said.




My parents and sisters.




Do you ever stop and look around at your life and think to yourself, "Wow.  How in the hell did I get here?!?"  That happens all the time for me.  If not for the people around me throughout my life, I couldn't have gotten this far.  Not to say that I've reached the pinnacle, not at all.  Just that I realize I'm overly lucky to have had such incredible friends and family.  Not that I wish it had been any different while growing up, but I only had sisters for siblings.  I now know the meaning of Brotherhood. 


My best friends Jason, Ed, and Les.



grad pictures