20-22 May 2005


Youbetcha!  Now that we've been there I know all aboot Canada now, eh?


It's aboot security.  It's aboot having your ID ready to go.


The falls are about 300 meters away downriver.  The water is only knee deep in most places, but is flowing at 25+ mph.  That's about 40 kilometers for any Canucks out there.


View from the Rainbow Bridge that connects the land of Canadia to the US.  The US falls are on the left and the Canadian horseshoe shaped falls are further upriver.  They're the ones with the majority of the mist billowing up.


O Canada!  It's aboot wearing retarded hats.


Ah, yes.  The good life.


Gotta love an outdoorsy-type girl like her.  She helped a lot with the cooking as well as poking the fire.


Yes, Miss Daisy.  I be cookin'


Near the falls was an incredible garden. 


'Boot time for another dumb picture, eh?


Just before we got on the Maid of the Mist boat which goes right into the heart of the Canadian horseshoe falls.  You want a humbling experience?  Take a ride on that boat.  Wow.


The US falls.

Almost every sightseeing place issued us cheap ponchos to wear.


The sandals they gave us were pretty sweet too.  What with the yellow garbage bag poncho and all?  REAL hot.


Every year they have to take down and rebuild this walkway because of the incredible amounts of ice that form in the area.


Just before we got into the falling water.


This was much funnier in person, but these people were trying to climb the stairs and with the strong wind, mist, and water it wasn't the easiest set of stairs they've ever climbed...


No smoking under the water!!!  "Only you can prevent forest fires."


They aren't kidding around by calling it this. 


We actually had to lash Erika to the railing so she didn't blow away!  True story.


105 foot drop to the rocks below here on the US falls.  I could SO make it.


The rainbows from all the mist were pretty wild.


Helluva way to spend the weekend, eh?


Great great times.