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July 10th

This will be my last entry until further notice.

The powers that be have suggested, and rightly so, that I discontinue updating my site and so, in keeping with security and disclosure concerns, this will be the last time you hear from me for quite some time.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the guestbook and with your emails.  I appreciate it and maybe someday in the not-so-near future I'll start things back up, but don't hold your breath.

I'll be here in Anchorage until October when I deploy with my unit to Iraq.  Say a prayer or two, and keep us in mind when you go to sleep at night.

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."  ~Garrison Keillor





July 7th

Lots to talk about.

I've got my first apartment.  It's not too bad of a place.  The Cessnas taking off and landing at the nearby airport take some getting used to, but it'll do nicely.

I'm getting settled rather well here in Anchorage.  The scenery is awesome, the stuff to do around here is almost unending, I've got quite a few good buddies up here with me, and it's nice to finally be at a real unit after spending the last 6 years in one training environment or the other.

Speaking of, my unit is awesome.  Tons of well-seasoned and experienced NCOs, a perfect mix of Infantry and Cavalry officers, squared away troop commanders, a strong focus on the upcoming deployment to Iraq, and the reputation of being, without a doubt, "the hardest unit in the entire Spartan Brigade."  That's no BS.  This Cav fitness test we have to take?  No joke.  With very little time between each event we have to do a 10 mile run in under 70 minutes, 300 lb bench press, 440 yard sprint in full combat gear (including body armor) in under 90 seconds, and indoor obstacle course in combat gear.  Wow.

I was scared before I got here that all the PL slots would be filled, and I was right because they are.  However, the Squadron Commander saw fit to give me control of the sniper platoon.  I'm going to be a sniper platoon leader.  AWESOME.  Of course, I don't know jack about what I'm doing yet, but you can bet I'll be learning my ass off in the near future.  How many Armor/Cav 2LTs do you know that get Sniper Platoons for their first assignment?

In case anyone ever wondered about having a tab, you can rest assured that it will open doors you never even thought possible. 





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